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    Whether you're a real estate investor, coliving operator, or simply curious about the the global trend of shared living, Coliving Resources contains the answers to your coliving related questions. The Library is structured around twelve different categories that collectively provide a wholistic view of the global industry.


    After analyzing and curating hundreds of publications, the Coliving Resources team has compiled the most relevant content for each category below.



    New Resources

    New resources for the Fifth Edition of Coliving Resources


    We've added this section to make it easier for our members to browse through new resources that didn't appear in the Fourth Edition of Coliving Resources. For the Fifth Edition many of the new resources center around Technology, but you'll also find legal articles from Australia, a few new editions of Coliving Insights, as well as a CoStar report about how coliving plans to recover in a post pandemic world.



    How does technology empower the coliving industry?


    Over the past few decades, paradigm-shifting innovations such as the internet, smartphones, and social media have changed almost every industry on the planet, including Real Estate. Since the modern coliving model has only taken form in the past decade, it is inherently more aligned with the technological innovations of the twenty-first century and therefore can provide a more seamless living experience than traditional solutions. Below you can find some great resources from technology and coliving experts around the world that document the countless ways in which technology is improving (and will continue to improve) the coliving industry.


    New to Coliving

    What is coliving?


    While the coliving phenomenon has gained popularity in countries across the world, the most basic question "what is coliving?" is still relevant today. Where did coliving originate and what is the modern definition? Taking it back to the basics, the resources below paint a picture of how coliving got started and how it’s a fundamentally different housing model than traditional living solutions. With contributions from coliving operators, industry CEOs, design labs, and even Bloomberg, this list will give you a diverse look at how coliving is being defined by the various players in the overall ecosystem.


    Starting a Coliving Company

    How do you start a coliving space?


    Are you so passionate about coliving that you think you’re up for starting your own company? Excellent! In this section we’ve compiled resources from people that have started coliving companies before and have shared tips and tricks to help you on your way. Current operators can also benefit from this section as there are pieces of wisdom in each resource below that can help you enhance your coliving and improve the living experience of your residents.


    Coliving Residents

    Who is coliving right for?


    While we strongly believe the advantages of shared living can benefit all people, coliving companies need to define their target market before creating the blueprint for the resident living experience. Building an excellent coliving experience will look different in Bali than it will in New York and the spatial design for a digital nomad outpost will be very different than a coliving community for permanent residents. The resources in this section will give you a look into the rapidly changing wants and needs of potential coliving residents from millennials to retirees.


    Sustainability / Social Impact

    What good can coliving achieve for people and for the environment?


    As an innovative living model designed for the twenty first century, coliving places a big focus on environmental sustainability and creating social impact. From using sustainable building materials to integrating their residents smoothly into the larger community (to avoid the negative effects of gentrification), coliving operators around the world find ways to respect the people and the environments that they affect. The articles, frameworks, and reports below provide measurable results for coliving and other shared living models as a force for good.


    Community Facilitation

    How are coliving communities facilitated?


    This section covers one of the hardest parts of coliving to get right: community facilitation. As nearly all coliving operators promise community as part of their value proposition to potential residents, it’s important that those in the industry understand how to facilitate and maintain (not manage) successful communities. Of course no community will ever be perfect, but the resources below provide an excellent place to start on your path to creating meaningful human interactions in your coliving space.


    Design / Architecture

    How do you design a coliving space?


    The more we learn about spatial design the more we believe it is an essential pillar of a successful coliving concept. With urbanization rates on the rise around the world and communication technology rapidly changing the way we all live and work, intentionally designing living spaces of the future has never been more important. Lucky for us, architects, designers, and urban planners around the world are creating innovative spatial design models that better match the lifestyles of the 21st century. We’ve compiled some of the best resources below that will give you a look into how design and architecture will play a vital role in helping the coliving movement reach its full potential.


    Real Estate / Investor Outlook

    How does coliving fit into the global real estate industry?


    In order for coliving to expand its reach and impact over the next few decades, it is absolutely crucial to have a clear understanding of the larger real estate market and what financial tools investors can use to help empower the movement. Below you can find a list of industry reports that specifically focus on coliving and the future of the industry from a real estate point of view.


    Coliving Ecosystem

    What does the global coliving ecosystem look like?


    The coliving ecosystem around the world is being created as you read this. It’s a crucial time for operators, investors, real estate developers, and coliving residents to create the internal industry infrastructure to empower the global movement. The first step in empowering the coliving ecosystem is creating awareness around the industry trends around the world, including number of current beds, national/international growth rates, and coliving operator profiles. The resources below will help to provide a snapshot of the current coliving ecosystem and a look into where the industry will be in the future.


    Future of Living

    Is coliving suitable for 21st century living?


    One of the foundational reasons that coliving is gaining popularity around the world is its focus on creating living solutions that accurately reflect the realities of the twenty-first century. The world has changed drastically over the first two decades of the century and is bound to change even more over the next eight decades. What will that future look like and will coliving be able to adapt to an uncertain future of living? Check out the below resources that provide some potential answers to that question.



    What are the legal structures and policy frameworks in regards to coliving?


    In order for the global coliving movement to be successful, coliving companies must function within the laws and policies that exist in the cities and countries where they operate. Legal challenges from city planning boards and/or outdated real estate regulations have thus far been some of the major hurdles to the coliving industry’s growth. It’s essential that coliving companies are not only aware of the local and country level laws that currently exist, but also educate policy makers and local residents on the advantages of shared living models. While there is not yet an abundance of legal resources dedicated to coliving, the below publications and podcasts are a great place to start to understand coliving legal matters.


    Coliving During & Post Covid

    What is the coliving industry's performance during & post pandemic?


    It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the entire Real Estate industry. Coliving operators have been forced to adapt their living experience on the fly and whether the storm of lower rents and occupancy rates. It’s true that some major coliving companies across the world have been acquired or were forced to shut down operations, but overall the industry has been surprisingly defensive in the face of the pandemic and ensuing economic downturn. Below you can find a variety of resources that capture how the coliving industry has adapted and performed during the pandemic and how it plans to emerge and grow in a post-pandemic world.