• Coliving Ecosystem

    What does the global coliving ecosystem look like?


    The coliving ecosystem around the world is being created as you read this. It’s a crucial time for operators, investors, real estate developers, and coliving residents to create the internal industry infrastructure to empower the global movement. The first step in empowering the coliving ecosystem is creating awareness around industry trends around the world, including number of current beds, national/international growth rates, and coliving operator profiles. The resources below will help to provide a snapshot of the current coliving ecosystem and a look into where the industry will be in the future.

  • Top Resources

    The Co-Liv Podcast



    This content-rich podcast from Co-Liv includes interviews with some of the world’s most successful coliving professionals as well as recordings from many of Co-Liv’s virtual meetups. Covering everything from interior design to the coliving landscape in countries around the world, this is one to have on your weekly listen list.



    Perspectives on Co-Living



    This highly useful ebook was put together by PUREHOUSE LAB, an ecosystem of coliving thought leaders around the world. Readers can find insights related to a variety of coliving topics including the present and future coliving business models and the role of technology in coliving communities.



    An Introduction to the Coliving Ecosystem

    Salto & Conscious Coliving


    Co-authored by Salto Keys as a Service and Conscious Coliving, this report presents the details of the coliving ecosystem from the perspective of coliving residents, investors, and operators. A great resource to learn the basics from two organizations very committed to supporting the global coliving phenomenon.


  • Exploring coliving as an innovative housing solution

    Coliving Insights


    The first magazine of one of the world’s leading coliving publications, this edition provides an in-depth perspective on the global coliving ecosystem including company profiles of 28 of the largest operators in the sector. This is a must read for those looking for a well-designed and easily digestible snapshot of the global coliving industry.

  • Global Coliving Report 2020



    A data packed report covering the global coliving industry and overviews of the major regions across the world. This second annual report also has a dedicated section on the impact of Covid-19 on the industry. An excellent resource for those wanting to become familiar with how coliving is being executed across the world.



    Coliving Bible

    Coliving Diaries


    An open-source resource from Coliving Diaries, this google spreadsheet acts as a constantly updated directory of coliving companies across the world. From thought leaders to operators to coliving technology providers, this is a great place to start to learn more about the global players in the coliving industry.



    CoLiving Coffee Talk

    Kalen Hayman


    This podcast series is from coliving enthusiast Kalen Hayman and contains many thought provoking interviews covering a wide range of topics in the coliving ecosystem. Follow this podcast to join Kalen as he continues to explore the world of coliving and how shared living can improve how we live.



    Coliving Circle

    Paul Burke


    Yet another superb coliving podcast series from Paul Burke, the founder of Coliving Circle. Episodes include interviews with CEOs, coliving community facilitators, and even coliving residents.


  • The Coliving Code Show

    Christine McDannell


    From Christine McDannell, the author of the Coliving Code, this podcast series has over 150 interviews with coliving professionals from across the world. Christine is an extremely knowledgeable host and hasn’t missed a weekly episode for over two years. For those looking for a fun, weekly dose of coliving, this is a must subscribe podcast.

  • Future of Co-Living

    Maria Selting


    A fun Apple podcast series covering all things coliving hosted by Sweden based technology professional Maria Selting. Episode topics include “Why Community Building is Good for Business” and “Creating Human Connection in a Co-Living Community.”



    Who's Who in Co-Living 2018



    Another resource from PUREHOUSE LAB, this book gives a comprehensive snapshot of the coliving ecosystem in 2018.



    Anatomy of Coliving



    A coliving presentation created by French Real Estate company Stonup that defines five different executions of the coliving business model: Lifestyle oriented, Mobility oriented, Work oriented, Cost oriented, and community oriented.



    CoLiving Industry Report Q3 2019



    The most recent industry report from coliving technology provider Kndrd. The report contains an analysis of the various categories of coliving companies as well as many helpful numbers and statistics on the global coliving ecosystem.


  • Coliving Awards Special Edition 2021

    Coliving Insights


    The first annual edition of Coliving Awards was launched at the Co-Liv Summit in May 2021. This report highlights all the award categories and the amazing coliving professionals and companies around the world that are actively shaping the future of shared living.

  • Coliving in the USA: Exploring the current landscape

    The Co-Liv Podcast


    This USA focused episode explores the current coliving landscape with operators, investors, and tech experts. The four panelists review industry trends and offer predictions about the future of coliving as the industry continues to grow in popularity.



    Common Knowledge Podcast

    Common Knowledge


    Common is a residential brand and operator that designs, leases, and manages multifamily properties across several brands including Common (coliving, micro, and traditional units), Noah (workforce housing), and Kin (housing for young families). The Common Knowledge podcast is full of high profile speakers sharing their insights on the future of living.



    Co-Liv Summit Report



    On May 5-6, 2021, more than 800 coliving professionals from around the world attended a virtual conference to discuss the present state and future of the coliving industry. This 30-page report showcases the key takeaways and survey data from the Summit.


  • The developing trend of co-living in twenty-first century Britain

    Erica Takawira


    This 27-page dissertation from Erica Takawira examines the current coliving ecosystem in the UK as well as the industry’s potential for future growth. Takawira argues that coliving can help diversify Britain’s housing supply and provide an array of benefits in the process.



    Co-living Spaces in India

    Rishi H Sanghani


    This academic paper from Rishi Sanghani examines the coliving ecosystem in India and how the new living model is perceived by the public. The paper also includes survey results from 150 individuals in India designed to measure the public’s interest in coliving.