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    Who is coliving right for?


    While we strongly believe the advantages of shared living can benefit all people, coliving companies need to define their target market before creating the blueprint for the resident living experience. Building an excellent coliving experience will look different in Bali than it will in New York. The same goes for a coliving community of millennials vs creating an urban living experience for families. The resources in this section will give you a look into the rapidly changing wants and needs of potential coliving residents from millennials to retirees.

  • Top Resources

    How We Live Now: Redefining Home and Family in the 21st Century

    Bella DePaulo


    Bella DePaulo, a psychology professor at the University of California Santa Barbara, traveled around the United States to study how people live in the 21st Century. Combining her personal tour with historical trends and social science research, DePaulo documents the many different ways people live including cohousing, shared living, and multigenerational houses.



    The Millennial Metric



    This comprehensive report was put together in 2020 to answer one question: how and where will millennials choose to live? The report comes complete with city profiles and policy recommendations - an excellent look into current living trends of those born from 1981 to 1999.




    Goldman Sachs


    A fun, interactive resource from Goldman Sachs digging deep into the preferences of the Millennial generation. From housing, marriage, and shopping trends to how Millennials view wellness and how they’re wants and needs are changing, this is a great, data driven look into the generation born from 1980 - 2000.


  • One Shared House 2030

    Anton & Irene, Space10


    One Shared House is perhaps the largest coliving survey ever completed with over 150,000 respondents sharing their housing preferences on topics ranging from size, privacy, and even housing ownership. Take a few minutes to complete the survey yourself and peruse the results on this extremely playful and informative project.

  • The Shared Living Survey

    The HMO Platform


    This 2020 survey completed by The HMO Platform gathered data from all across the UK with the goal of giving landlords and property developers a better idea of how to improve their tenants’ experience.



    New Residential Brand Kin Applies Co-Living Concept to Urban Families



    While the word coliving isn’t often mentioned in the same sentence as the word families, coliving company Kin is trying to change that. The Forbes article covers Kin’s origins as a partnership between Common and Tishman Speyer as well as the potential for coliving to transform the way urban families live in the coming decades.



    Cohousing for Older Adults

    Keith Wardrip


    While coliving has gained more popularity amongst the Millennial generation thus far, the idea of communal living has long appealed to aging adults. This great article from AARP defines the cohousing movement for aging adults in the US and provides a snapshot of the cohousing landscape in the US.



    People were asked about communal living...

    World Economic Forum


    We can add the World Economic Forum to the list of organizations intrigued by coliving! This piece published in March 2021 covers why residents prefer communal living and draws on examples from around the world where coliving has been successful.


  • Demographic Shifts: The World in 2030

    Cushman & Wakefield


    As time marches on the younger generations start to make up a bigger portion of the labor force. Of course that’s always been the case, but it didn’t stop Cushman & Wakefield from speculating what the global workplace will look like in the year 2030. A great resource for forward thinking coliving professionals to plan for the future.

  • Co-living space: The shared living behavior of the millennial generation in Indonesia

    Isrina Indah and Prabu Wardono


    A 2020 research paper out of Indonesia, this piece by Isrina Indah and Prabu Wardono identifies how coliving is currently perceived by millennials in Indonesia and how the living model can be an important housing option in the rapidly urbanizing country.



    Singapore's Rising Rents Have Lonely Expats Turning to Co-Living

    Faros Mokhtar


    This article from Bloomberg Wealth describes why many expats in Singapore are increasingly turning to coliving as their preferred living option, namely due to relative affordability and flexibility.



    The Upstate Coliving Blog

    Upstate Property Rentals


    Upstate Coliving, a small American coliving operator out of South Carolina, has started a blog that could be particularly useful for coliving residents. With articles from “five ways to cultivate a healthy relationship with your roommate” to “six ways to keep your kitchen organized in a coliving housing arrangement,” coliving residents are sure to pick up some useful tips on how to adjust to a communal living environment.


  • In a Divided Country, Communal Living Redefines Togetherness

    The New Yorker


    An incredibly well-written, long-from article from Nathan Heller at The New Yorker, this piece takes a deep dive into the people that live at a sixty-person coliving space in Los Angeles operated by Treehouse. The article covers that while perhaps more difficult to achieve, the extremely diverse resident population at Treehouse can unlock the full range of positive benefits that coliving has to offer.

  • Co-Living social Community for Elderly

    Bjorn Magnus Mathisen, Anders Kofod-Petersen, and Idoia Olalde


    While the 22-35 age demographic may be the main face of modern coliving, the concept of coliving for the elderly is also gaining momentum around the world. This research paper from authors in Norway and Spain details the challenges and best practices in constructing a coliving concept for the elderly.



    The Rise of Co-living Under the Influence of Urbanization in China

    Scarlett Miao


    This article from Scarlett Miao argues that coliving will play an important role in providing urban housing as city populations around the world continue to explode.



    Co-living: An effective solution for growing needs of tenants

    Kahraman Yigit


    Kahraman Yigit, the CEO of Olive by Embassy, shares the elements of coliving that resonate the most with tenants in India - namely the demand for a spirit of community and an affordable and comfortable living environment.