• Community Facilitation

    How do you facilitate a coliving community?


    This section covers one of the hardest parts of coliving to get right: community facilitation. As nearly all coliving operators promise community as part of their value proposition to potential residents, it’s important that those in the industry understand how to facilitate and maintain (not manage) successful communities. Of course no community will ever be perfect, but the resources below provide an excellent place to start on your path to creating meaningful human interactions in your coliving space.

  • Top Resources

    The Art of Gathering

    Priya Parker


    A MUST read for any person or business who wants to improve the way they plan and execute human gatherings. Priya Parker calls for us all to host intentional gatherings by starting with the purpose of the gathering in the first place and considering every aspect from location to which people to invite.



    Community vs. Scalability: Cracking Coliving's Dilemma

    Connor Moore


    This long-form article dives deep into one of coliving’s biggest dilemmas: small coliving operators tend to develop great communities while large operators tend to scale more quickly. After identifying why the dilemma exists, the piece then presents the creation of multi-tiered communities as a potential solution to the dilemma.



    Community: The Structure of Belonging

    Peter Block


    In a world that seems to be increasingly customized and fragmented, Peter Block shares his views on the secrets of how to build meaningful communities.


  • Community Facilitation Handbook

    Gui Perdrix, Matt Lesniak, and Naima Ritter


    The world’s first in-depth handbook on how to facilitate fantastic coliving communities. Drawing on experience from dozens of coliving pioneers, the Community Facilitation Handbook contains many ideas for impactful community events as well as advice on how to hire and train community managers. We consider this handbook a must read for all coliving professionals, particularly community facilitators/managers.

  • Tribe

    Sebastian Junger


    Sebastian Junger traces the human need for connectedness back to the way tribal societies function. In the modern world, Junger believes the need for human connections is as strong as ever and that we are all better off when we come together.



    The Art of Community: Seven Principles for Belonging

    Charles Vogl


    Another very insightful community book based around seven principles for growing “enduring, effective, and connected communities.” Vogl also presents some tools and frameworks that can be utilized to help create live-enhancing communities.



    ReInhabiting the Village

    Jamaica Stevens


    This 350+ page book contains advice from more than 60 contributing authors on how to empower communities. With themes ranging from health and healing to holistic event production, the book is jam packed with useful information for creating robust coliving communities.


  • Tribes

    Seth Godin


    In his New York Times Bestseller, Seth Godin shares the secrets behind turning a group of disorganized followers into a loyal tribe. Business, religious, and political leaders alike have sworn on the content of this book and much of the knowledge can be very useful in creating coliving tribes.

  • Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators

    Raj Gill, Lucy Leu, and Judi Morin


    Written by three nonviolent communication experts, this toolkit contains countless activities and teaching tools to implement nonviolent communication.



    How to Train Community Managers

    Art of Co


    Coliving expert Gui Perdrix gives his take on how community facilitators should be trained to successfully support thriving coliving communities. The article outlines the soft and hard skills coliving companies should focus on as well as suggestions on how and where to train community facilitators.



    The Community Canvas

    Fabian Pfortmüller and Nico Luchsinger


    A fantastic and holistic framework on how to intentionally create a community. With three sections and seventeen themes, following this canvas can ensure that coliving companies don’t miss anything in the community creation process.



    The Role of a Facilitator

    Mind Tools


    An excellent step-by-step guide on how to facilitate a purpose-driven event. This article contains many useful tips for facilitators as well as a “facilitator’s toolbox” with tools and techniques to spice up your next event.


  • The Skilled Facilitaor

    Roger Schwartz


    Roger Schwartz’s 1994 book acts as the bible for any professional responsible for facilitating groups toward realizing a goal such as community creation. Full of useful tips and tricks, this book should be on the bookshelf of every coliving community facilitator!

  • Creating Strong Communities

    The Berkeley Group


    An in-depth 70-page report describing how to use the ‘social sustainability framework’ and create great communities in new housing developments.



    No community, no coliving

    Carlos de la Lama-Noriega


    Coliving pioneer Carlos de la Lama-Noriega draws on his experience as the Founder and CEO of Startup Embassy to explain how a robust community is essential for coliving: “no matter the size of your coliving, there’s one things that defines it: community.”



    Blueprint for community building: The 'Three Tier Framework'

    Olivia Roche


    Olivia Roche, the author behind UK housing blog Resident Sharer, presents her compelling community building model called the ‘Three Tier Framework.’ The main premise of the model is for living communities to intentionally and responsibly integrate into the larger neighborhoods in which they exist.



    Building Connected, Supportive Communities

    Common Knowledge


    Micaela Connery, founder and CEO of The Kelsey, is joined by Common CEO Brad Hargreaves to discuss Micaela’s work in creating housing solutions that are inclusive and supportive, along with her unique insights into how developers and operators can incorporate inclusivity into their own projects.



    Community Building Philosophy

    Gaetan de Dietrich


    Gaetan de Dietrich, the Head of Community at Singapore-based coliving operator Hmlet, delivers an in-depth 13-minute presentation on why and how humans form communities.



    The Art of Community Building

    Gui Perdrix


    Co-Liv Director and coliving expert Gui Perdrix is the featured speaker in this 15-minute video from the 2021 Co-Liv Summit. The Ted-Talk style presentation covers a variety of community facilitation strategies including moving from top-down to bottom-up communities and a long list of best practices for coliving operators.



    Fostering Thriving Communities in Shared Living

    Coliving Insights


    The Sixth Edition of Coliving Insights focuses on the best practices for building community in coliving. With case studies from around the world and dozens of expert authors, this edition is a must read for coliving operators hoping to foster a robust sense of community for their residents.



    How to Foster Thriving Community

    Naima Ritter Figueres


    This piece is a summary of a talk given by Conscious Coliving co-founders Naima Ritter and Matt Lesniak at The Student Hotel Summer Festival in September 2021. Matt and Naima cover everything from the meaning of community to how to successfully integrate technology into shared living concepts. You can also watch the full 52-minute keynote video.


  • Other Resources

    1. The Different Drum by M Scott Peck
    2. Optimising human community sizes by Robin Dunbar and Richard Sosis
    3. Community Careers and Compensation 2020 (paid) from The Community Roundtable
    4. Shared Housing, Shared Lives: Everyday Experiences Across the Lifecourse by Sue Heath, Katherine Davies, Gemma Edwards, and Rachel Scicluna
    5. The State of Communities 2018 Report from co-matter
    6. Community Builder Toolbox (paid) from Ghost
    7. Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian
    8. Coliving Community Frameworks 2021 by Kelsea Crawford
    9. Conscious Tribe Wheel from ConsciousU