• Future of Living

    Is coliving suitable for 21st century living?


    One of the foundational reasons that coliving is gaining popularity around the world is its focus on creating living solutions that accurately reflect the realities of the 21st century. The world has changed drastically over the first two decades of the century and is bound to change even more over the next eight decades. What will that future look like and will coliving be able to adapt to an uncertain future of living? Check out the below resources that provide some potential answers to that question.

  • Top Resources

    The Case for Coliving

    Coliving Corner


    A research driven coliving thesis from MBA graduate and founder of Coliving Corner, Connor Moore. The five part blog series explores the living trends of the past fifty years and makes a compelling argument for why coliving is an ideal living solution for the way humans live in the twenty-first century.



    Co-Living 3.0 - what does the future of coliving look like?

    Gui Perdrix and Matt Lesniak


    Coliving experts Gui Perdrix and Matt Lesniak give their thoughts on the future of the coliving industry. From environmental and social impact to coliving operators doing a better job to create a sense of “home,” this discussion-based article covers it all.



    Our Future in Cities

    TED Talks


    A video playlist with the best TED Talks around the theme of “Our Future in Cities.” The list includes talks on floating cities, squatter cities, city design, and how to create cities in face of the climate crisis.


  • Is Coliving Here to Stay?

    Coliving Insights


    The second edition from Coliving Insights tackles the future of the coliving with the Covid-19 pandemic in mind. With contributions from coliving professionals across the world, this is a must read resource for answering the question: Is coliving here to stay?

  • IMAGINE Podcast



    A four episode future of living podcast from Space10 that covers how to create cities of the future by using shared living models.



    The Humanization of Housing: Coliving and Maslow's Hierarchy of "We"

    Chris Bledsoe


    A long-form blog post from Chris Bledsoe, one of the co-founders of US coliving operator Ollie, this piece does a great job at detailing coliving’s ability to fulfill the basic human needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy.



    Why the UX of Coliving will matter in our future cities

    Patricia Reiners


    From German UX/UI designer Patricia Reiners, this article covers the many reasons why coliving is a needed living solution for our future cities including increasing urban density trends to the human psychological needs for community.



    How we live now

    Ted Talks


    Check out this Ted Talk series that includes 5 TED talks covering the theme: “Experience the different ways people exist in harmony with one another and their surroundings.”


  • Brave New Home

    Diana Lind


    Urban policy specialist Diana Lind presents her view of how the American Dream of single-family homes has become a “lonely, overpriced nightmare” in the face of recent shifts in demographics and social norms.

  • Housing Innovation Podcast

    David Friedlander


    A SoundCloud podcast series hosted by David Friedlander that takes a deep dive into the “ideas, people, and projects at the forefront of housing innovation.”



    Future Urban Living

    Pop Up City


    A variety of articles about what the future of city living could look like. The articles examine new living models such as micro-living and pod living and explore concepts such as multi-generational living and coliving for families.



    NextGen Cities & the Changing Live/Work Landscape

    Common Knowledge


    If you no longer needed to live where you work, where would you land? Brad Hargreaves, Founder & CEO of Common, and a panel of real estate experts discuss the future of cities in light of the growing ‘work from anywhere’ trend.



    Coliving is Becoming Mainstream, What’s Next?

    Claire Flurin


    In this 16-minute video, coliving expert Claire Flurin delivers a data-driven and visually appealing presentation on the future of the coliving industry. Claire draws on global trends that are driving the coliving movement as well as the social and environmental good that coliving can achieve to paint a picture of what the future of living can be.


  • The 2021 Thrive Survey

    Conductor & Opinium


    The 2021 Thrive Survey is a unique survey conducted by Conductor (along with their insights partner Opinium) that aims to assist the Real Estate industry in understanding the true wants and needs of modern residents. In this first of four report, Conductor presents the results of a 2,000 person survey focused on how our spaces play a role in helping people to thrive.

  • The Future of Human Connection

    Ryan Fix


    Ryan Fix, a long time coliving pioneer and a co-founder of Co-Liv, gives an extremely thought provoking 13-minute talk on the future of human connection.



    Coworking and Coliving: The Attraction for Digital Nomad Tourism

    Ekaterina Chevtaeva


    This 2021 study examines “combined coworking and coliving spaces in compelling or exotic destinations.” Through analyzing qualitative interviews with digital nomads, the paper presents an intriguing list of insights regarding the preferences of digital nomads.



    Implementing innovation in real estate development: co-living as an innovative product

    David Drobnis


    MIT master’s student David Drobnis explores the obstacles and challenges faced by real estate developers attempting to implement and build innovative living models such as coliving.



    The Future of Living

    Ryan Fix


    Coliving pioneer and thought-leader Ryan Fix describes what the Future of Living will look like in light of global trends such as remote work and remote education. Fix believes that the global trends accelerated by the pandemic will create a world where the home plays an even more central role in our lives than it already does.