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    What is coliving?


    While the coliving phenomenon has gained popularity in countries across the world, the most basic question "what is coliving?" is still relevant today. Where did coliving originate and what is the modern definition? Taking it back to the basics, the resources below paint a picture of how coliving got started and how it’s a fundamentally different housing model than traditional living solutions. With contributions from coliving operators, industry CEOs, design labs, and even Bloomberg, this list will give you a diverse look at how coliving is being defined by the various players in the overall ecosystem.

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    What is Coliving? Part 1 & Part 2

    Art of Coliving


    This multi-part series from Gui Perdrix details the growing trend of coliving and gives an in-depth definition of what coliving is, and just as importantly, what coliving is not. Gui walks us through the history of shared living and states which living models fall under the umbrella of modern coliving.



    A Brief History of Co-Living Spaces

    Bloomberg CityLab


    A quick dive into the history of coliving and how demand for shared living has changed overtime to produce the modern coliving movement.



    So What Exactly is Coliving?

    Open Door


    This article will take you back to the 1960s and guide you through the origin of coliving. You’ll get a look into the history of coliving, the modern definition, and the difference between intentional communities, cohousing, and Co-ops.


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    The Ultimate Guide to Coliving



    A downloadable e-book that contains all the important concepts behind coliving including the current data & trends of modern coliving spaces, a directory of locations, and handy tips and tricks that can enhance the coliving experience.

  • What is Coliving?



    This visually appealing resource provides an easy to digest history of coliving and how it’s being executed today.



    What is Co-Living? Defining a Global Movement



    Authored by three coliving industry pioneers, this piece discusses how coliving fits into the larger living trends of the 21st century including the sharing economy and the shift towards preferring access rather than ownership.



    What is Coliving?

    Conscious Coliving


    An insightful recap of the history of coliving, how it is being executed today, and the potential impact of conscious coliving.



    The Housing as a Service (HaaS) Revolution Has Begun

    Jon Dishotsky


    Exploring housing trends and consumer needs, Jon Dishotsky, the CEO of Starcity, outlines the mission of Starcity and why now is the time that the world needs “Housing as a Service.”


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    Exploring the brave new world of shared living



    Space10, one of the most forward thinking research and design labs in the world, put together an 83 page ebook and podcast series on the future of shared living. This is a fantastic resource for anybody wanting an in depth look at why we need coliving and what the coliving movement can accomplish.

  • Urban Coliving Movement



    This article speaks about the origins of coliving in Europe, what people today are looking for in their living solutions, as well as why the coliving model can have a positive impact on urban living in the 21st century.


    Connor Moore


    An 18-minute Ted-Talk style video delivered by Connor Moore at the 2021 Co-Liv Summit. In the talk, Connor covers the history of communal living, goes over many different definitions of coliving, and ends the video with a brief overview of the global industry.


    Cambridge Finance


    A short article from Cambridge Finance that covers why the coliving movement has gained momentum in Europe and includes survey data on what residents prefer out of their living solutions.


    The Secret Agent Report - Co-Living

    Jodie Walker


    A Melbourne-based real estate research organization, Secret Agent released a publication centered around coliving in 2017. The 17 page report does an excellent job of describing the coliving movement at a high level and summarizing the benefits of coliving including living minimally, curbing loneliness, and environmental friendliness.

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    Making Shared Housing Work

    Citizens Housing Planning Council


    Released in June 2019, this report from Citizens Housing Planning Council details shared housing best practices with contributions from a variety of coliving operators in New York City. This report covers the most important aspects of shared living from conflict resolution to bathroom sharing and can serve as a valuable resource for those new to coliving.

  • Co-Living Blog

    Co-Living Group


    This coliving blog out of London contains many short articles detailing the coliving movement in the UK and beyond. Take a look through the various articles to get a great explanation of how coliving compares to other living models and why it’s gaining momentum around the world.


    Coliving as a Co-operative Business Model Innovation

    Nina Stepnicka and Paulina Wiaczek


    This academic paper on coliving out of Poland recognizes the various advantages and disadvantages of coliving in its many different forms. Stepnicka and Wiaczek also present a short case-study on one of Poland’s premier coliving brands, Clipster.


    The co-living market: contexts, expectations and opportunities

    Curiosity Is Keys


    If you're looking for a granular explanation of “what is coliving” followed by a detailed breakdown of the global coliving market and various business models, look no further because this report has you covered.