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    How does coliving fit into the global real estate industry?


    In order for coliving to expand its reach and impact over the next few decades, it is absolutely crucial to have a clear understanding of the larger real estate market and what financial tools investors can use to help empower the movement. Below you can find a list of industry reports that specifically focus on coliving and the future of the industry from a real estate point of view.

  • Top Resources

    Survey of the coliving landscape

    Cushman & Wakefield


    An extensive report compiled by Cushman & Wakefield’s Susan Tjarksen, one of the most knowledgeable Real Estate professionals in the global coliving industry. The report gives a snapshot of the current state of coliving in the United States and the trends that will continue to drive the movement in cities across the country.



    Co-Living as an Emerging Market: An Assessment of Co-Living's Long-Term Resiliency

    Sam Pepper and Aaron Manji


    A fascinating academic paper out of MIT, this resource identifies why coliving has become increasingly popular over the past decade and analyzes the future viability of the industry.



    The Rise of Co-Living



    A 2020 report from CBRE covering the demand drivers for the current coliving market in the US as well as the bright future for the promising asset class.


  • Invest, Develop, Operate, & Scale

    Coliving Insights


    The fourth edition of Coliving Insights covers the four high level phases in the coliving development cycle: Investment, Development, Operations, and Scaling. With contributions from dozens of real estate experts and coliving professionals, this is an excellent resource to learn about the coliving business model from start to finish.

  • Real Estate Business Case For Co-Living

    Britt Zaffir


    In this twelve-minute video from the 2018 DisruptCRE conference, Kin CEO Britt Zaffir presents an extremely compelling business case for coliving. The video covers data on the living and real estate trends that have caused the housing affordability crisis and then makes the case that coliving can be a market driven, profitable solution.



    European Coliving Index



    This in-depth report from JLL focuses on the European coliving market by exploring the trends driving growth in the sector as well as an analysis on the 40 best markets for coliving across Europe.



    Co-Living Redefining Urban Rental Living

    Cushman & Wakefield


    Another top-notch Cushman & Wakefield report on coliving, this one authored by Rohan Sharma and Akshit Shah covering the Indian coliving market. The report offers an explanation of why coliving is gaining traction in India, which cities stand to benefit the most from coliving, and a brief overview of the current coliving landscape in India.



    Co-Living: Reshaping Rental Housing in India



    Another coliving resource from JLL, this report focuses on the Indian coliving market as one of the biggest coliving movements across the globe. A great resource for investors, developers, or anybody interested in gaining a high level understanding of the Indian coliving market.


  • Europe Co-Living Report



    This 2020 report from global Real Estate firm CBRE covers why coliving has gained momentum over the past decade and provides key trends and analysis of six major markets across Europe: London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, and Vienna.

  • Co-Living: Rent a Lifestyle

    Knight Frank


    Another report focusing on coliving in India, this 2018 piece from Knight Frank outlines why coliving is an excellent opportunity for Indian Real Estate developers.



    Is co-living an affordable alternative for Hong Kong's millennials?



    This 2018 report from JLL does an excellent job at explaining the real estate trends that have given rise to coliving including the mismatch between income growth vs. rental growth in large cities around the world such as Hong Kong.



    Anticipating Shifts in Housing Demand

    Common Knowledge


    In this episode of Common Knowledge, CEO of Common Brad Hargreaves interviews Diana Lind, author of Brave New Home. After personally researching many different forms of modern housing in the US, Diana is a strong believer that innovative living solutions such as coliving will play a big role in the housing market in the near future.



    Real Estate Gazette Issue 32

    DLA Piper


    The 32nd issue of the DLA Piper Real Estate Gazette focuses on how coliving is being delivered and regulated in countries across the world including Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, UK, USA, Russia, & Sweden.



    Developers Claim Co-Living Suites Earn More Per Square Foot Than Regular Apartment Rentals

    Bendix Anderson


    This short article explains why coliving can provide investors with a higher return through densification and thoughtful design. Author Bendix Anderson interviews Ollie founder Chris Bledsoe on the numbers behind Ollie’s flagship project in New York City and how coliving compares to traditional apartments across some of real estate’s most used metrics.