• Starting a Coliving Company

    How do you start a coliving space?


    Are you so passionate about coliving that you think you’re up for starting your own company? If so this section is for you. In this category we’ve compiled resources from people that have started coliving companies before and have shared tips and tricks to help you on your way. Current operators can also benefit from this section as there are pieces of wisdom in each resource below that can help you enhance your coliving company and improve the living experience of your residents.

  • Top Resources

    Reconciling Community and Business

    Gaetan de Dietrich


    Not sure how community will fit into your business model? In this article coliving community guru Gaetan de Dietrich takes us through some of his “community principles for business” and explains how community and business can coexist.



    The Coliving Code University



    A 3.5-hour online course containing 12 modules covering the essential elements of starting and running your own coliving space. While this is a paid resource, it’s full of first-hand knowledge and valuable tips and tricks on how to get started in the coliving world.


  • Art of Coliving

    Gui Perdrix


    An insightful book by coliving expert Gui Perdrix that provides a plethora of real world information on how to create a life-enhancing and economically viable coliving brand. The first part of the book covers the ins and outs of the coliving user experience while the second part of the book examines the importance of growth & scalability.

  • How we built a coliving space in less than 14 days (and how you can learn from it)

    Gui Perdrix


    The title says it all here as this article digs into the story and process of creating a coliving space. From finding the right location and residents to move-in day and creating the right culture, this coliving tale has it all.



    Coliving Etiquette: Coliving Guide for a Happy Community



    Ready to launch a coliving concept, but not sure on how to set up the House Rules? This guide provides a quick list of ten coliving community rules that will help you get started.



    How to set up the ultimate coliving space



    This epic list of 30 tips to help start a coliving space is compiled by coliving operator Coworksurf. Most of the tips are centered around how to create a great community so check it out for some good advice from people that have done it before.


  • Coliving Guide



    An excellent guide from Coliving.com that was created to help operators launch new coliving concepts. A great starting place for the basics on how to start a coliving company.

  • The Coliving Guide

    The Casa


    A guide (in French) of how to start your own coliving brand by French coliving operator The Casa. Split into 11 sections, this guide can be a great place to start in order to discover the many important aspects of launching a coliving concept.



    What's the ROI of community building in coliving?

    Gui Perdrix


    Another great article from Gui Perdrix, this article tackles a topic that needs more attention: how a great community can improve a coliving company’s ROI. Perdrix also presents four different models for how coliving companies build communities from the “Do-It-Yourself” model to one of communal “Systems.”



    How to manage a 30-person housing cooperative

    Emily Bender


    A member of Chateau Ubuntu, a shared living space in San Francisco, describes exactly what it’s like to manage a living community. From communication networks to managing recruitment, this quick guide has some great tips for getting started.


  • Next Level Landlord

    Matt Baker


    An excellent read for anybody considering being a landlord or operating a shared living space. UK entrepreneur and author Matt Baker shares his experience in creating a customer centric shared living product that is not only good for his tenants, but also good for the business.

  • How to Set Up a Housing Co-operative

    Radical Routes


    Check out this resource to find out more about how to set up shared ownership living models like a Housing Co-operative.



    Coliving: Revenue from beds should be anecdotal

    Carlos de la Lama-Noriega


    Wouldn’t it be great if only half of the annual revenue for your coliving company came from rent? While the title of this article might seem counterintuitive, author Carlos de la Lama-Noriega makes the case that coliving companies that focus on a niche customer segment have the opportunity to establish many sources of revenue beside rent.



    Community Building and Onboarding

    Victor Augais


    In this 15-minute Ted-Talk style video, Victor Augais, the CEO of French coliving company La Casa, covers two of the most important parts about the coliving business model: building a community and the resident onboarding process.


  • Branding & Marketing for Authentic Shared Living Communities

    Coliving Insights


    The eighth edition of Coliving Insights dives into one of the most important aspects of starting a coliving company: creating and maintaining a strong brand. The report shares insights from coliving marketing professionals around the world that make the case that branding is perhaps the most important element for the coliving operators of the future.

  • The ultimate guide to starting a coliving business

    Peter Fabor


    Peter Fabor, the founder of Surf Office and coliving industry pioneer since 2013, walks readers through a 10-step coliving guide and covers topics from an ideal number of rooms to open a coliving space to profit margins and unit economics.



    Coliving Experiment Tests Sharing Economy Potential

    Mira Luna


    A fascinating interview from 2013 includes many interesting insights from the future founders of US-based coliving operator OpenDoor. The interview also focuses on how sharing economy solutions can help coliving operators to “save and/or generate money, build community, and reduce [their] environmental footprint.”