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    How does technology empower the coliving industry?


    Over the past few decades, paradigm-shifting innovations such as the internet, smartphones, and social media have changed almost every industry on the planet, including Real Estate. Since the modern coliving model has only taken form in the past decade, it is inherently more aligned with the technological innovations of the twenty-first century and therefore can provide a more seamless living experience than traditional solutions. Below you can find some great resources from technology and coliving experts around the world that document the countless ways in which technology is improving (and will continue to improve) the coliving industry.

  • Top Resources

    Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology

    Coliving Insights


    The fifth version of Coliving Insights focuses on how technology has changed the way we live and how coliving operators can best use technology to improve their business model and living experience for their members.



    Proptech's Next Frontier: Shared Housing

    Atticus LeBlanc


    Atticus LeBlanc, the CEO of coliving company PadSplit, presents a convincing article on why shared living solutions are poised for growth in the coming years and how technology can help facilitate that growth.



    Coliving Apps & Tech Guide

    Conscious Coliving


    Curious about what technology solutions exist to help support coliving operators? This in depth report from Conscious Coliving explores nearly the entire spectrum of technology available to coliving operators from property management systems to technology solutions to support resident and staff wellbeing.


  • Rethinking Real Estate: A Roadmap to Technology's Impact on the World's Largest Asset Class

    Dror Poleg


    Author and city enthusiast Dror Poleg answers many questions in his latest book including: “why are our offices, homes, stores, and warehouses the way they are?” This book is a must read for any coliving operator curious about how technology is currently shaping and will continue to shape the global Real Estate industry in the future.

  • The Case for Coliving PropTech Investment

    Matt Brumback


    Is investing in property technology companies a good idea? This article from Matt Brumback makes the case that the Real Estate industry is in prime position to be disrupted, shared living solutions such as coliving are poised for growth, and thus, investing in technologies to support the coliving movement is a sound strategy.



    How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of The Co-Living Sector

    Ankit Gupta


    This piece from Ankit Gupta provides a high level review of the main ways in which technology can help enable the coliving movement including improved security, a seamless tenant experience (from digital tours to paying rent), and helping to build robust communities.



    Smart coliving: Technology and coliving

    Carlos de la Lama-Noriega


    Another great resource from coliving guru Carlos de la Lama-Noriega, this piece covers two unique technologies that can vastly improve how coliving operators gather data to measure KPIs and improve their living experience: IoT sensors and chatbots.



    5 Must-Have Technologies for Coliving Operators

    Caterina Maiolini


    Coliving expert Caterina Maiolini published a list of 5 technologies that coliving operators should strongly consider adopting: access control tech, camera surveillance, booking systems, property management tech, and community apps.


  • The Co-Liv Tech Community



    The Co-Liv Tech Community was established to bring coliving operators and technology providers together in order to share best practices and help advance the adoption of technology across the sector. Follow the above link to learn more and join the regular meetings of the Co-Liv Tech Community.

  • With tech and innovation, co-living sector may thrive in 2022

    Swapnali Bhosale Kadam


    It’s no secret that the global pandemic has had a big impact on the coliving industry. This piece from The Economic Times describes how the innovative and tech-forward tendencies of coliving operators could position them to see explosive growth in 2022.



    The Coliving (R)Evolution: Design Thinking, Growth-Driven Design & Technology

    Spatial Experience


    As the world starts to fully feel the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the way we think about living spaces will need to change. This well-written article from Spatial Experience makes the case that design thinking and growth-driven design can ensure that the coliving industry successfully adapts to future technological innovations.



    Co-Living as a Rental Home Experience: Smart Home Technologies and Autonomy

    Nils Ehrenberg and Turkka Keinonen


    An academic paper from the Design School at Aalto University in Finland, this resource provides an in-depth analysis on how modern smart home technologies can and will change the way people live in coliving communities.



    Better Coliving



    The Better Coliving project from IKEA is an application to assist roommates to better “communicate, organize, and simplify your lives together.” If you’re currently living with roommates, give the app a try to see if it can help alleviate some common roommate friction points.