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  • Coliving Resources is an online coliving resource directory assembling a curation of 200+ publications in the coliving sector.


    Whether you're searching for professional real estate reports, community facilitation tools, or articles from industry thought leaders, you're in the right place. With over 15 hours of educational videos, 150+ podcast episodes, and 7,000 pages of content, Coliving Resources is THE place to learn about the global coliving movement.




    The online library is composed of 11 categories:

    New to Coliving

    What is Coliving?

    Starting a Coliving Company

    How do you start a coliving space?

    Coliving Residents

    Who is coliving right for?

    Sustainability / Social Impact

    What good can coliving achieve for people and the environment?

    Community Facilitation

    How do you facilitate a coliving community?

    Design / Architecture

    How do you design a coliving space?

    Real Estate / Investor Outlook

    How does coliving fit into the global real estate industry?

    Coliving Ecosystem

    What does the global coliving ecosystem look like?

    Future of Living

    Is coliving suitable for the 21st century?


    What are the current and future legal issues for the coliving industry?

    Coliving During & Post Covid

    What is the coliving industry's performance during & post pandemic?

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    By signing up for Coliving Resources you won't just have access to the up-to-date newest version of the resource library, but you'll also have access to subsequent editions for an entire year! From the first edition to the fourth edition we've already added close to 100 resources and will continue to consolidate the industry's best content by publishing new editions every quarter, exclusively available to Coliving Resources members.


    Past Editions

    The first edition of Coliving Resources was the first time a comprehensive resource library ever existed for the global coliving industry. In the second edition we added an 11th category "Coliving During & Post Covid" and the total number of resources in the library surpassed 150.

    Current Edition

    In the largest version of Coliving Resources to date, we now have over 200 curated resources for coliving professionals. New resources in this edition include 16 academic studies and research papers that study that impact of shared living solutions around the world.

    Future Editions

    The Fifth Edition of Coliving Resources will be published at the beginning of 2022 and will include a new category that will cover "Technology in Coliving" to help coliving professionals and coliving operators understand the impact and advantages of utilizing tech solutions for their business.

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  • About Us

    Coliving Resources is an initiative by Co-Liv led by Connor Moore and Gui Perdrix.


    While researching coliving for the past few years, Connor and Gui noticed that the global coliving industry lacks a centralized location for educational content. With the goal of catalyzing the coliving movement by consolidating the best resources around the world in one location, the pair is proud to present Coliving Resources.


    Connor Moore

    A recent MBA grad and author behind Coliving Corner, Connor holds positions at a variety of organizations in the coliving industry including Co-Liv and Nomos Group. When not researching, writing, or talking about coliving with anybody that will listen, you can find Connor hiking, scuba diving, or pretending he is a good dancer at social gatherings.

    Gui Perdrix

    Co-author of the Community Facilitation Handbook and author of Art of Coliving, Gui is a former coliving operator turned into coliving experts. He currently runs Co-Liv as director, empowering and representing coliving professionals worldwide. Gui also trains coliving operators on how to create strong community experiences through Art of Co.


    Co-Liv is the global non-profit organization, ecosystem, and do-tank whose mission is to empower the coliving phenomenon. Founded in 2016, Co-Liv has become the largest association of coliving professionals and focuses mostly on three types of activities: empowering coliving professionals, connecting key stakeholders, and educating the sector.